united states strong!
Unifying A Strong People - To Secure Representation - For Constitutional Governance

Patriots Of America, 

A day would come when socialist or communist rule prevails: When the practice of our God-given Rights and Liberties are to us a heart wrenching memory, and to our posterity, an ancient legend; But not on this day: On this day, We save America!

For all that you hold dear and because our Rights and Liberties are gifts from On High, Let us go forward, valiantly, victoriously, emboldened conservatives fighting for our noble State and Country and saving both!

We are United States Strong!

Gavriel Soriano

United States Strong!
The Mission
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August 23, 2022


Gavriel Soriano

Strong Families, Strong Communities!

Secure Representation!

Preserve, Protect, Defend Constitutional Governance!

In U.S. CONGRESS For Florida District 11

Primary Election Date


Primary Election: August 23, 2022


Deadline To Register: July 25, 2022


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Your Questions Answered

Why is Soriano running for U.S. District 11?

Every imagination of corruption stands against the good people of our country.  And because we are a nation of inestimable value before God and before men, I stand up to serve compatriots in the sacred work to secure, as we must continually do, the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

Section 2 of the United States Constitution qualifies me to run in Florida’s U.S. 11th District: I am an American-born son over the age of twenty-five years living in Florida U.S. District 11.

Above and beyond, I am —

A lifelong son of The 11th District outraged by the corrupt and inept politicians and the bureaucratic and political opportunists seeking to overthrow the Consent of The People;

A man driven by a rich legacy of conservative principles and the actions that embody them; and

A compatriot with The People for America First and for The United States Strong Mission: Unifying a Strong People to Secure Representation for Constitutional Governance.

What qualifies Soriano to represent
District 11?

What Republican values does Soriano espouse?

Three fundamental Republican principles which I espouse and will apply to the position of U.S. Congressman for The 11th District of Florida are these self-evident truths first declared in our Declaration of Independence:

First: That all men are created equal;

Second, That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; and

Third: That among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

We Are United States Strong!

Involved Citizenry

Informed Representatives

Constitutional Governance

. . . prudence, wisdom, & patriotism were never more essentially necessary than at the present moment: and so far as it can be done in an irreproachable direct manner, no effort ought to be left unessayed to procure the election of the best possible characters to the new Congress.

Letter From George Washington to Henry Lee, Jr., 22 September 1788