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Man Of Family

Righteous Power is the energy of planting a seed into the earth;

Goodly Reward is the health of eating its fruit;

And, The Work in between is sacred.


Creation; it invites partners, and, as a sustainable farmer, I am one of them.  This partnership through farming began in my formative years as a home-education venture and quickly developed into a business enterprise because, as my familial heritage requires, Where there is food for one, there must be food for all.  Most of my life therefore, I have met with strenuous work: nature perplexing, insects devouring, wild animals preying, and other acts of God defeating and renewing labor.  Labor, that requires, in great part, the resolute practice of knowledge and wisdom. 


During these past sixteen years of farming alongside my family, I have come to own a unique set of virtues; a set which I carry with me into the 118th U.S. Congress in 2022.  I am a man who observes and takes action; a man who, once bitten, twice bold; a man who confronts and wrestles each worthy challenge; and most of all, I am that tactician who knows the balance between the principles and the fight.

Man Of God

Individuals and families empowering the vulnerable within their communities

makes for a nation of inestimable value before God and before men.


Community contribution is a practice to hone; it un-hardens the heart of the recipient and of the donor.   As a recipient, I knew this to be true.  And so, for three years, I volunteered in a religious capacity with persons confined to living a measure of time in State Hospitals.  Thereafter and continuing, I volunteer with persons who have had the good fortune of leaving such a place.  Now as a donor, I am a firm believer in and advocate for the power of good-will that can and does exist within community.

Man Of Country

To Lead is to Serve.


The official oath of office -


I solemnly swear that I will perform the duties of Election Worker, according to law and will endeavor to prevent all fraud, deceit, or abuse in conducting the same for this election.


That I willingly took in each of the election cycles for which I served within my district, demands of me the integrity with which I and all public servants must carry out our duties to the public – To Lead is To Serve, a promise that stays with me even today.

Son Of The 11th
U.S. District Of Florida

Tempered, yet equally Bold!


As a Son of the 11th Congressional District of Florida, I am representative of the people who live here in this beautiful portion of Florida land that we call Home.  Our love of God, family, community, and country tempers us conservative.  And, because we have found such rich rewards in these values, We are equally bold in protecting them and in preserving the Blessings of Liberty and the Rights that the United States Constitution secures to ourselves and our posterity.


In The Primary Election August 23, 2022


In The General Election November 8, 2022

If Men of Wisdom & Knowledge,
of Moderation & Temperance, of Patience, Fortitude & Perseverance,
of Sobreity & true Republican Simplicity of Manners,
of Zeal for the Honor of the Supreme Being & the Welfare of the Common Wealth -
If Men possessed of these & other excellent Qualities are chosen to fill the Seats of Government we may expect that our Affairs will rest on a solid & permanent Foundation.
Samuel Adams, Letter to Elbridge Gerry, 1780

Gavriel Soriano For U.S. Congress
United States Strong!