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The 11th U.S. Congressional District
Of The Great State Of Florida


This entire county lies within The 11th.


This entire county lies within The 11th.


The western portion of this county lies within The 11th.


The southern portion of this county lies The 11th.


The entire county lies within The 11th.

The Pulse Of The People

Forces (media, social media, foreign powers, etc) are trying like hell to divide us and it is working. We need somebody who can unite the 80% of us in the middle.


Sumter County

Our county is slowly becoming infiltrated with disrespect for the things that made America great.  We have to stand up now.  Thank you for this grassroots push.


Marion County

Retirees must vote by the droves for Soriano and his common sense and bold approach.  Talk to him and see for yourself.


Lake County

We are experiencing the beginnings of strong inflationary period.  It has already hit.  This is not transitory.


Sumter County

Panhandling is becoming a problem in our area and with open borders it can only get worse.


Sumter County

The federal government mismanages our tax dollars.  We need to keep them local where the people have better control.


Citrus County

Language control is the beginning of Marxism.  We will not give in!


Hernando County

The Pulse Of The Business Owners

Small business is the heart of our economy here in Florida. Biden is destroying this country and our livelihood. We need to turn things around in the mid-term elections.


Lake County

Get the federal government  out of our district business!


Lake County

Florida cannot become another California!  We must drive strong, conservative representation.


Hernando County

We Are United States Strong!

Involved Citizenry

Informed Representatives

Constitutional Governance

. . . prudence, wisdom, & patriotism were never more essentially necessary than at the present moment: and so far as it can be done in an irreproachable direct manner, no effort ought to be left unessayed to procure the election of the best possible characters to the new Congress.

Letter From George Washington to Henry Lee, Jr., 22 September 1788

Vote In The Primary Election!

Time Remaining To Primary Election Date . . .

Primary Election Date: August 23, 2022

Registration Deadline For Primary Election: July 25, 2022.

Gavriel Soriano
For The 11th U.S. Congressional District Of Florida
United States Strong!