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SAVING America First!

Conservative Principles In Word And In Deed! If Not Now, When?

Patriots Of America, Let Us Dare To Save Our Noble Country!


If not now, When?


A day would come when socialist or communist rule prevails: When the practice of our God-given Rights and Liberties are to us, a heart wrenching memory, and to our posterity, an ancient legend; But not on this day: On this day, We save America!


I am running hard and fast for the United States House of Representatives to execute a conservative victory for our People and our Sovereignty.  Tyranny works to vanquish our sacred Rights and sell our Country to the highest bidder; Duty however, compels us to war against it and to triumph.  Together we will: Your Conservative Voice is a sacred principle in our Republic and I am that vigorous Public Servant translating it into action!


For all that you hold dear, Patriots of America, and because our Rights are gifts from On High, Let us go forward, valiantly, victoriously, emboldened conservatives fighting for our noble State and Country and saving both!  Vote Gavriel Soriano for U.S. Congress!


God Bless America! And thank you for your contributions!

Gavriel Soriano

GRASSROOTS Save America Rallying

Trump Got It Right Go ForwardMake America Great Again!

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The United States Of AMERICA FIRST



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